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Serie: La Victoire de L’energie

( alternative spelling: Tachism, derived from the french word tache,stain)
Is a French style of abstract painting popular in the 1940 and 1950. The
term is said to have been first used with regards to the movement in 1951.
It is often considered to be the European equivalent to abstract expressionism although there
are stylistic differences ( American abstract expressionism tended to be more ” aggressively
raw” than tachisme). It was part of a larger postwar movement kowm as Art Informel ( or Informel),
wich abandoned similar to action painting. Another name for Tachisme is Abstraction lyrique ( related to American Lyriacal Abstraction). COBRA is also related to Tachisme,as is Japan’s Gutai group.

Tachisme è uno style pittorico di arte astratta iniziato in Francia negli anni Quaranta.

Tecnica Mista su Tela
SERIE: N 01/ 02/ 03/
Disponibile Expo Palazzo Velli Roma dal 5/06 Al 13/06/2015.