Freedom of color Vincent 

Artista Performer 

Vincent Pelonero was born on the 23/12/1962 in La tronche (France) within a family passionate of art for several generations, which grew up between Paris and Rome. After an informal first time, he elaborates a new beginning, which proposes the total zeroing of the best known art, on the basis of a new search that unites more styles, Inspired by the technique of tachism in motion with music is a pictorial style of abstract art begun in France in the forties and fifties. It is often considered the European equivalent of abstract expressionism. It is a movement also called informal art. The victory of color, the poetic light, possibility of rebelling even with a color full of meanings, a magical relationship that man to always had with great emotion. Vincent then had a great success on social networks, the artist was solicited in television in 2016. Today it has more than 15 live performances on television, on the national and international regional channel. The technique tachisme, it by adding the theme of the song to the canvas. In 2018, Vincent is the creator and producer of a new television program entitled Art Music Show, broadcast on the national and regional channel Gold TV Italia.

Interior wall decoration.

Vincent, The freedom of color with its technique can improve all the walls of your home. Are you tired of seeing the walls of your house with the usual ones? Do you want to improve the appearance of your walls but do not know clearly what and how do it? Your friends’ apartment has wall decorations that hit you but you don’t know how to make them?

Vincent has your solutions for drawing on the walls of your house. Seeing all the white walls of a house, devoid of any decor, is like seeing a tree without its leaves. Often our houses seem empty and impersonal, and it often lacks a little customization that can be obtained by creating patterns on the walls of the house, which make the walls artistic. The works of Vincent Pelonero They have had success, with international exhibitions and live performances on television. Decoration of interior walls in France but also in Germany in 2017 with the tour “the cry of art for peace”. After studying the surface on which he will use his technique, the artist begins to paint and ends up becoming a unique decor, layer by layer, with nuances of color a unique work!

Vincent Pelonero