He made his debut on television in 2016 by participating in the first edition of Signori e Signore that show as a Performer Painter.

Performance Art TV is the new project of the artist Vincent Pelonero in art “freedom of color Vincent”.

He started with “social TV” on the channel dedicated to the live streaming on the social network of performative actions.

For a communication on social networks, they are all elements that provocatively overlap the idea of ​​”live” as an impromptu creative process, of the production of a work of art.

Following a great success on social networks like, Instagram, Twitter, the artist was requested in the TV studio in 2016 by the regional and national channel Gold TV Italia, with more than 10 live performances on television.

In 2018 Vincent created and produced his own TV program entitled Art Music Show which was broadcast on regional, national and international TV channels with Sky